A B O U T   T H E   B L O G

When you are learning to adult you do a lot of moving and a lot of standing still.  I am learning a lot about the mystery - or maybe the illusion - of adulting through all of this moving and standing still. That's what this is about. It's just words that I'm stringing together as I try to process the things that I'm discovering about the world that we live in, the Kingdom that Jesus invites us to participate in, and the beautiful ways that those two collide. 

A B O U T   M Y   L I F E

I'm Liz. I live in Arizona, lived in Ohio, and have adventured in more places than I ever imagined I would. I am currently serving in vocational ministry at a wonderful church and am learning that the lines of life and ministry and community were meant to be a bit blurred. I am energized by travel, but also love making my home cozy and finding routine. I thrive when doing life in community, but am discovering the value of self-reflection and alone time. I love so many things - like a French press full of coffee and some jazz on a Saturday morning, binge-watching Gilmore Girls with my lifelong besties, or exploring a new city with an incredible travel buddy. I also dislike some things - like the cost of plane tickets, paying student loans, and my inability to keep house plants alive.  I serve a God who writes the best stories and daily have to let Him coax the pen back out of my sticky fingers. I'm glad that He never stops coaxing.

A B O U T   Y O U   &   M E

I am pretty sure I'm not alone on this adventure and would love to have some travel buddies for the journey. Join me. Let's sit around and talk about how lame corn is vs. how cool the cactus is, how hard it is to brew the perfect cup, and the things that Holy Spirit is revealing to us. Let's sing songs about the heartbreak of difficult relationships, the joy of life in community, and how adorable sea otters are. Let's read stories off of the pages that the Lord is writing. It's just fine that they don't have endings.


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